COVID-19 In Person Services

What you need to know:

Covid-19 Service times:

8:00  9:30 and 11:00 a.m. 

  • Those considered high risk will want to consider attending the 8:00 a.m. service.

  • Please be prepared: things will not look the same!

  • We've rearranged a bit of furniture and are working through the details to make certain you are as safe as possible.

  • Masks are recommended to help keep your neighbor safe. The CCC staff will be gloved and masked with the exception of those on stage.

  • The only doors used for entry/exit will be the 2 sets of doors located on the east side of the building that lead directly into the foyer. Entry doors will be unlocked and propped open 15 minutes prior to each service. We suggest you park your car as close to the horseshoe area on the east side of the building and remain in your vehicle until entry is possible.

  • For your convenience, both the communion sets and the offering box will be located just inside the door as you enter the foyer. We have a limited supply of hand sanitizer for use that will be sitting with the communion.

  • In order to maximize seating, CCC staff will be available to direct you to a seat. Families with kids (preschool & grade school age) will be seated on the perimeter of the room at coloring tables while everyone else will be seated in chairs. Those seated in chairs will be required to have a space of 2 chairs(min.) between each family unit. Seating will begin at the front of the sanctuary and dismissal will be by rows beginning at the back of the sanctuary.  The north and south doors of the sanctuary will also be propped open for dismissal. 

  • We are asking everyone to immediately exit the building upon dismissal as the staff will need to clean and prep for the next service.

  • There will be no bulletins and no inserts of any kind. If you are a note taker, please bring your own pen and paper.

  • Coloring tables will have paper and crayons provided, but will be removed and fresh supplies will be set out for the following service.

  • The water fountain and coffee space will be closed.

  • If we reach seating capacity in the sanctuary, we have the gym set up for the overflow to view Facebook Live on the large screen. Our goals are to maintain proper social distancing as well as seating any person that wants to join us for services. Dismissal from the gym will be available via the 2 doors just outside the gym, as well as the 2 doors on the east wall.

  • The north restrooms will be available for use, however, doors will need to remain propped open.

We are looking forward to

seeing you on Sunday!