Two52 Kids

Two52 Kids (Children's Ministry of CCC)

Teaching kids to know & love Jesus and to grow as He did in Luke 2:52 - "in wisdom and maturity, and in favor with God and people."

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CLICK HERE for all of the 2nd-3rd Grade Camp information (2 pages).

CLICK HERE for all of the 4th-5th Grade Camp information (3 pages).

Dates & Prices:

*K-1st Grade Day Camp = June 22nd  

  Early Bird Price $20 ... (after June 17 = $25)

*4th-5th Grade Camp = June 24th-27th    

  Early Bird Price = $55 ... (after June 17 = $65)

*2nd-3rd Grade Camp = June 27th-29th

  Early Bird Price = $45 ... (after June 24 = $55)