The 2020 Sermon Series Roadmap

Sermons in 2020 at Community will follow the book, Core52, by author and CCC friend, Dr. Mark Moore. Core52 will give you a weekly strategy to be able to master the 52 most important concepts of the Bible. 

The Bible is amazing, but it's also big! Most of us don't know where to start. Core52 solves this problem. We invite you to move from being curious to confident and take the Core52 journey with us! Each Sunday sermon in 2020 will introduce the Core52 chapter for the week.

Grab a copy of Core52.*

Find out more about Core52.

Helpful tools to use Core52 effectively.

CCC's Reading Guide** for Core52

*Limited hardcopies are available at the CCC Welcome Desk for $10 each.

** We will travel through Core52 based on the calendar, not chronologically. The reading guide will keep you on track to read the right chapters each week.  

What we're talking

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